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  • Listening to: NIN
  • Playing: Zelda, Lumines 2, Castlevania
So I have had a lot of people visiting my site lately and asking about my Video Game development history, so here goes :)

I have been a 3d artist in the games industry for about 5 years now, and I'm currently employed at Epic Games working on Gears of War for the XBox 360.  I started out working at Red Storm/Ubisoft in 2001 and moved on to Epic in 2005.  My portfolio of games includes about 9 shipped titles and one on the way very soon :).  A lot of people ask me why I do application skinning instead of focusing on 3d work; but the truth of the matter is that I do a TON of 3d art at work, and there's just a lack of time outside of work to focus on anything that takes more than 10 minutes at a time.  I plan on keeping my personal site updated with my 3d work and my deviantart account updated with my skins.  After we get Gears out the door, I'll post all my 3d models and textures and all that on my personal site so everyone can a get a sense of how these games are made.

I hope this answers everyone's questions, I'll be glad to field any more whenever I have the time :)

(BTW, everything on my site right now is from Rainbow Six 4)